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What is Juggling?
Juggling is keeping the soccer ball up in the air with different parts of the body, such as feet, thighs, head and even your shoulders without the ball touching the ground.  Juggling on it's own will not make you a great soccer player, but it will go a long way to help improve your touch, balance and coordination. It is a great way to help players get comfortable on the ball and also shows first hand what happens if you persevere and keep trying and trying.

FM Soccer Club Juggling School

Aims to improve players soccer juggling skills and to get them to spend more time with a ball outside. It is great way for players to improve their touch and control and also to work on their balance and coordination.Spending time with a soccer ball every day, is a must for players who want to become good soccer players.

Juggling School Leaderboard
The leaderboard is for friendly competition and to inspire players to practice more, aim to improve and spend time mastering the soccer ball. When players complete x number of juggles there name and juggle number will be added to the leaderboard. They can aim to beat their own personal best, and maybe try and beat the personal bests of other players within the program. 

How to count juggling?
Each time the ball touches your body parts(excluding arms), that counts as 1. If the ball hits the ground, your count is complete and you start back at zero.
2009 & Older: The ball must start on the ground with your feet. You may not use your hands to pick it up to start juggling.
2010 & Younger: You may start your juggling of with the ball in your hands.

Observing the Juggling

For it to be put on the juggling leaderboard you must have a video of it and send it to [email protected]

For some understandably, in the moment it may be difficult to get someone to film them juggling and capturing their top score for the first time. However if you continue to practice and practice you should be able to consistently hit that score, therefore making capturing it on film easier.

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