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A Ball & A Wall:

I have always said to parents, players and coaches, one of the most simple ways to improve at soccer is with a ball and wall. I can remember spending countless hours as a kid striking the ball against the garage brick wall, sometimes in the air, sometimes on the ground and using different parts of my foot and body to control the ball.

  Dennis Bergkamp - Dutch National Team, Ajax, Inter Milan & Arsenal player

“Most of the time I was by myself, just kicking the ball against the wall, seeing how it bounces, how it comes back, just controlling it. I found that so interesting! Trying it different ways, first one foot, then the other foot, looking for new things: inside of the foot, outside of the foot, laces… getting a sort of rhythm going, speeding it up, slowing it down. Sometimes I’d aim at a certain brick, or the crossbar. Left foot, right foot, making the ball spin. Again and again. It was just fun. I was enjoying it. It interested me. Maybe other people wouldn’t bother. Maybe they wouldn’t find it fascinating. But I was fascinated.”

Now, if you don't have the fortune of having a sturdy brick wall to kick a ball at you can make your own out of wood.

Here is a great link for some plans if you are pretty handy and want to make your own kick wall.

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